Saturday, July 24, 2010

Travel: Niagara--Still falling after all these years

We interrupt the ongoing saga of last month's championship fight at Yankee Stadium to bring you a few images from the Finto File's recent fact-finding trip to Niagara Falls (July 12-17).

From the side, one can see and feel the power and volume of the water plunging over the cliff--and see that it's gradually eroding and undermining the rock face.

Dwarfed by mighty Niagara, a bird (lower left) tries to pick up a little altitude.

Niagara Falls is the place for touristy kitsch and garish neon, if you like that sort of thing (and we do, we do).  This is Clifton Hill, the densest concentration of souvenir shops and cheesy haunted houses in NF.

Yes, you can Ride to the Top! (is there anything better than old neon?) of the Skylon Tower...

...and see the Falls spread out below.

There are rainbows everywhere you look in Niagara Falls...

...but with beauty comes violence:  These rapids, downstream from the Falls, are considered the most dangerous in the world.

The Hotel Europa appears to have seen better days... has the Cadillac Motel.  But to step back in time, you have only to look at this sign.  Remember when Cadillac was a synonym for all things quality?

These photos were shot in or from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Still to come:  Niagara Falls, NY; the Erie Canal; and Buffalo wings.

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At July 16, 2014 at 3:29 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

These are the amazing photos of Niagara Falls. I visited there before our boston to wrentham outlet bus tours. If you want to make this memorable than the best view on the American side is up on the bridge. This is where you can shoot your selfie with the falls in the background. I been here more than three times, every time I came here there are some changes but every time I enjoyed and took the photos of these refreshing falls.


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