Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Politics: Go 'Bama! Go 'Bama!

Whatever the results of the 2008 election turn out to be, they will be sad and disappointing for conservatives, and the following four years will be filled with angst.

John McCain, a great man by virtue of his military service, and the sacrifice he made for this country while imprisoned and abused by Communist savages, is nonetheless a deeply flawed political leader. On immigration, the issue perhaps most important in determining whether America as we know it will continue to exist, McCain favors the "comprehensive" approach--that is, reward those who are already here illegally by allowing them to become citizens, while leaving the borders open to allow the flood to continue unabated. On so-called "campaign finance reform," in partnership with a liberal Democrat he pushed through legislation restricting the right of groups of citizens to advocate for or against candidates during an election.

If McCain is elected, we can expect governance as we've come to know it from "moderate" Republicans: On almost every issue, he will start from an already pretty liberal position, then reach out to the Democrats to "compromise" away whatever elements of conservatism might remain in the proposal on the table. We can expect Sandra Day O'Connor- or David Souter-style judges, unbridled immigration and who knows what other nasty surprises. Only on military matters might we expect decent leadership from McCain.

Of course, we at the Finto File will probably end up supporting McCain, if not enthusiastically, as either of the Democrats would be infinitely worse. Nonetheless, although we would not support him in the general election, it's difficult not to root for Barack Obama as he continues doing what Republicans and conservatives have never quite been able to do--pound stakes (figuratively speaking) through the hearts of the Clintons.

It's true that both Hillary and Obama are hard-core leftists, and that the leadership of either of them would be hazardous to America's health. Yet Hillary is by far the more repulsive of the two...a stale, corrupt and deceitful socialist, as opposed to a fresh, apparently uncorrupted and relatively honest socialist.

Imagine four years of watching and listening to Hillary--the nails-on-the-chalkboard speaking style, the polyester pantsuits, the endlessly-changing positions on every issue, the trailer-park husband back to skulking around the White House corridors.

Obama, on the other hand, is kind of cool. He appears relatively open-minded regarding, if not supportive of, conservative thought, as when he talked about the transformative nature of Reagan's presidency. He doesn't have decades of scandal and corruption behind him (that we know of), as the Clintons do. He does have the militant, Al Sharpton-in-a-skirt wife, who had never been proud of our country until her hubby started doing well in the primaries. But Michelle Obama is still preferable to Bill Clinton as first spouse.

To repeat, Obama is far too liberal to be anything but a disaster as president. But we will all owe him a debt of gratitude if he completes the task of consigning the Clintons to the dustbin of history.

Imagine what a great, engaging and educational election campaign this could have been if Obama is the nominee, and the Republicans had also nominated a fresh, dynamic, well-spoken man...but a conservative.

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