Sunday, February 3, 2008

Politics: What if McCain gets the nod?

The hot debate among conservatives involves whether or not John McCain should be supported in the distasteful event he gets the Republican nomination. His victory appears more and more likely, thanks to all those fine moderates, independents and RINOs who are voting in the Republican primaries--not to mention Huckabee's gleeful and arrogant role as spoiler, and Romney's inability to connect to the voters.

Of course, maybe it's not too late.
Drudge is reporting a poll that shows Romney leading McCain in California, and there is still a bit more than a day for whatever momentum Romney has to continue.

But what if McCain is it? There are three options:

  • We can sit out this election, allow McCain, Hillary or Obama to win the presidency, and then spend the next four years opposing his or her efforts to destroy our country while we try to rebuild our movement and get ready for 2012. A variation on this option might involve a cabin in the woods and a supply of canned goods.
  • We can actively support Hillary (or Obama, if he's their candidate), with the thought that a real socialist is better than a phony conservative, and a Democrat victory would allow the Republican Party to spend a few years in the wilderness and perhaps regain its true identity. This option is being pushed most spectacularly by the great Ann Coulter. Check out this YouTube video: Her best line: "I would vote for the devil over McCain--thus, I will vote for Hillary over McCain."
  • We can support McCain as the lesser of two evils. This option is advocated by our friend Adele, who says: "I'm not ready to give the country to the Democrats yet." One has only to listen to one or two screeching sentences of a Hillary speech to sympathize with this position. But isn't it also repellent to contemplate supporting McCain and helping him win, only to spend the next four years cringing while he appoints liberal judges, restricts our freedom of speech, and holds hands with Ted Kennedy?
Quite an ugly dilemma, ain't it?

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