Sunday, February 10, 2008

New York: The Finto File at the Chinese New Year parade

As part of our ongoing multi-cultural community outreach, the Finto File was on the scene for today's Chinese New Year parade in New York City's Chinatown. Thursday, February 7, marked the beginning of Chinese year 4706, known as the Year of the Rat (according to custom, each Chinese year is named after one of twelve animals).
 As in every New York City parade, the NYPD was the prime attraction (okay, a little bias on my part). Above, a historic New York police car takes part in the New Year parade.

In a parade tradition (above), a reveler dresses in costume.

A celebrant (above) stands in piles of multi-colored confetti and takes in the party vibe.

A few political candidates (above) participated in the parade, asking spectators for their votes and / or pieces of cheese.

Watch the Finto File for future explorations of New York's gorgeous mosaic. The Finto File team would also like to take this opportunity to recommend the pork buns at the Chatham Restaurant, where the Bowery meets Chatham Square...excellent, and only $1.70 each.



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