Monday, December 27, 2010

New York: The big post-Christmas blizzard of 2010

New York is just beginning to recover from one of the biggest snowstorms in recent memory, which began yesterday afternoon--Sunday, December 26--and wound down this morning.  This is what the newspaper said about it.

And this is what the city looked like afterward.

Early morning, Seventh Avenue.

Suddenly, the city doesn't seem so crowded.

This sidewalk seems pretty clear...but the one reflected in the window still needs work.

Four or so points of color in a very bleak scene.

How many winters, do you suppose, has the Truemart Discount Fabrics store lived through?

One hot cup of coffee vs. the elements.

This picturesque Greenwich Village house might be the result of an illicit liaison between Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade.

This could be Paris, but it's New York.

Sometimes, sadly, in a blizzard or other emergency, "all your plastic needs" just can't be met.  This plastics center is gated up tight.

And don't think you can just fall back on rubber--no one seems to be home here either.

And whaddayamean Out the Box is closed too???  WTF???

But still, despite all the hardships, a fresh snowfall can make even the projects look...look...ahh, never mind.  It'll melt soon.

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