Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Comment: "...I must be the smartest guy in the world..."

***UPDATE!!!***  (June 9, 2012) The blog post below told you it was coming--and now it's here!  Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory: The Memory Shock Oh-So-Easy How-to-Remember User's Guide for Your Brain by Barry Reitman--foreword by yours truly--is now available on Amazon, in print and Kindle editions--click here to take a look.  And if you want to read my foreword--which will definitely make you want to buy the book-- click here.

The Finto File has been on hiatus for a few months--only for the best of reasons, of course.  But following the involuntary institutionalization of a few of my readers, and the tragic suicides of others, all unable to bear the absence of the periodic doses of Finto File brilliance to which they had become accustomed, I have rededicated myself to frequent blogging.

Since I don't get rave reviews like this every day, I thought I'd begin with this most flattering comment from my friend Barry Reitman, originator of the fun and easy-to-learn Memory Shock mnemonic system, which enables even the most absent-minded people (like myself) to remember names, numbers, everyone's birthdays and where they left their glasses.

Barry gives excellent Memory Shock classes at various locations (it was through one of these, which I attended through my job, that I learned about Barry and his system).  And he is also putting the final touches on his upcoming book--to which I was privileged to contribute the foreword.

When I sent that foreword along, Barry responded by posting the following comment:

 "I finished the year-long task of writing my mnemonic system book.  It’s been edited, and is now down to the last few design tweaks.  So it was time to ask someone to write the foreword.  Mind you, I’m not at a loss for bright, educated people.  I count among my good friends PhDs, published authors, industry leaders, big-time attorneys, and even the producer of a Hollywood blockbuster.  But the choice was pretty much automatic: an NYPD cop with whom I agree on virtually nothing – except the value and beauty of the concisely written word.  I’ll be forever indebted to you, George Molé, for proving that I must be the smartest guy in he world – for asking you to take on this chore.  Your two and a half pages provide me with more pride than the following 36 chapters.

"(...Of course, the book will turn you all into flaming Liberals; but, hey, that’s your problem.)"

I hoped to write a foreword that matched the quality of the book itself--and I'm pleased that Barry thinks I succeeded.  This book is sure to be a bestseller.  Watch for it--and in the meantime, check out Barry's excellent Memory Shock website.

--George Molé

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At May 5, 2012 at 2:48 AM , Anonymous Barry Reitman said...

George: I was humbled by the foreword you wrote, and now I am humbled by this edition of the Finto File.



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